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Crystal Bowls
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Crystal Bowls at Integratron

There is something almost magical about the way music makes us feel. Different tones and vibrations can alter our thought processes, our mood and our very state of mind. As we look deeper, we find this magic actually finds its root in science. The science of sound and vibration. For instance, sound healing has been used by western medicine for many years. Kidney stone treatment includes the use of shock waves to break up the stones. 


The alpha frequencies given off by crystal and metal bowls when they are played, delivering the listener into an altered state of mind, a state of mind in which the body begins to relax and heal. When the mind and body are at rest, the body turns off the sympathetic nervous system, that feeling of "fight or flight" brought on by stress and anxiety. Once off, the parasympathetic nervous system can kick in, bringing the benefits we refer to as "rest and digest".  When the body is restful and calm it is more apt to repair damaged cells.


People who have experienced a sound bath have reported feeling lighter and more relaxed.  Some say they have increased mental clarity, others feel energetic shifts in their body, and some just simply fall asleep unknowingly, waking up refreshed when it is over. Regardless of the differences in individual experience, nearly all sound bathers have reported feeling more in tune and harmonious with their authentic selves. 

- Sound Bath Guided Meditations

- Sound Bath Concerts for Business Events or Private Parties



Sound Bath Concerts & Meditations

1.  Intro to Sound and Vibration Healing  

2.  Intro to Meditation 

3.  Tuning Fork Therapy 

4.  Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl and Metal Singing Bowl Therapy 

5.  How Sound and Vibration Affect Your Daily Life 

6.  Sound, Vibrations, Colors and Food 

7.  Navigating the Language of the Body 

8.  Level I -  Sound Healer Certificate (40 hours) 

9.  How to Manifest Your Ideal Mate 

10.  Nature Mandala Art and Art on Bark

11.  How to Move Grief and Emotion Using Sound 

12.  Toning with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls 

13.  How to Live a Detoxed Lifestyle

14.  Spirit Animals Totems and How They Guide Us 

15.  Couples and/or Family Massage Class

16.  Transforming Grief Workshop

Workshops & Classes


6 Day/5 Night Juice Cleanse or Water Fast 

     - 5 Nights

     - Daily Yoga Classes 

     - Daily Classes on a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle

     - Food preparation Classes      

     - Fun Evening Programs:  Mandala Making, Sound Bath, Movie Night 

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